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Updated: Feb 15

Please find below many other resources to assist you on your journey in pregnancy.

Spinning babies

This website provides a wealth of information on some positions to assist in creating balance in the body. By lengthening and relaxing muscles it create to assist in baby's journey in pregnancy to birth.

Free Hypnobirthing Tracks

Many mum's have shared with me they found listening to hypnobirthing tracks created by Anja of assistance in preparing in pregnancy. She has a wide range to choose from.

Timeline of a Breastfeeding baby

This online resource can provide some reassurance and understanding as to what to expect in the first 2 years of life.

Wonder Weeks

Wonder weeks has an online resource or app you can purchase for $9.99 that gives projected developmental changes and what to expect.

I offer an invitation for you to comment and share your recommendations and what you found was in assistance in your journey.

With love

Candace 🦋

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