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Welcome to Beautifully Natural Midwifery

I invite you into my realm of loving offerings in service of women and families across the Sunshine Coast.  

With every avenue in my life, I endeavour to always lead with love. I draw from my intuition and spiritual guidance to support all that I touch in my life. I trust in women's innate ability to intuitively feel the state of wellbeing within themselves and their baby. I see my role as supporting women to have trust in their journey and reclaim the power that lies within us all. 

I understand that my journey in life is to continue learning from everyone I encounter and the various experiences I open myself up to. I look forward to connecting with more beautiful souls. 

With love,

Candace Reynaud



My name is Candace Reynaud

I am a 34 year old Women with three beautiful fur babies, my boisterous, happy, fun loving dog Bailey, my sweet princess Freya and my cuddly cat Layla who isn't particularly happy about me joining two puppies to the family. 

You will often find me out in nature exploring with my two furry babies in tow. I am passionate about taking care of my body, by not only challenging it every week with exercise but also how I nourish it.


Over the years of collecting knowledge on supporting wellbeing through nourishing my body and applying this through personal experience, I've been able to better support those around me in all aspects of health. 


On beginning my journey as a Registered Midwife I have endeavoured to continue to strive to grow my knowledge and practise in order to provide the best care for the beautiful families I care for. I see every experience with each woman I am privileged to walk beside as a teacher on my journey. 

Midwifery group practice is a continuity model that provides care to women from pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Walking along beside women throughout their journey has been a vital pillar in my practise to be able to understand and recognise the subtle dance of birth. 

On my education journey I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and have gained endorsement as a midwife. 


International Board Certified Lactation Consultant

Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines 

Registered Midwife

2017 ~ 2022   Midwifery Group Practice Midwife at Sunshine Coast University Hospital 

2016 ~ 2017   Registered Midwife at Nambour General Hospital


Certificate IV in Balinese Massage 

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