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Private Midwifery Continuity of Care


My Midwifery Philosophy

I hold a deep innate trust and respect in the journey of pregnancy and birth. With this trust means I hold trust in the body and baby's way of communicating. I listen to your intuition and I listen to my intuition. I listen to the gentle whisper and the powerful roar. Together as we continue to build a deep connection to this journey and attune to the voice of our intuition allows to follow the path as to support you and baby. I trust that the path will be shown and when presented I shall walk it beside you with guidance and support. 


Continuity of care is when you have a known midwife care for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

The importance of continuity of care is to build a trusting relationship between midwife and women to feel safe and supported in the sacred space of your birthing environment. 

What does continuity of care package look like?

~ All care provided within your own home by Candace through pregnancy, birth and 6 weeks postpartum

~ Throughout pregnancy together we explore the emotions that are arising, in support of being in a space of surrendering to the journey

~ Providing thoughtful education to you and your partner, with a focus on how to best nourish your body for wellness and supporting your body's balance throughout pregnancy and birth
~ Providing education of the physiology of birth with a focus on empowering through education. Supporting you to be the empowered decision maker in each part of your journey

~ Medical assessment of wellbeing for mother and baby throughout continuum of care
~ Guidance and support navigating breastfeeding and the newborn season
~ Emotional support to all that is arising following the birth of baby
~ Closing of the bones ceremony at the end our journey together. A moment of reflection, release and integration

~ Prescribing, pathology and radiology request's provided as required

Home birthing service

~ Holding space and support in a home birth setting by Candace and a second registered midwife

~ Ongoing support and medical assessment by Candace for 4-6 hours following birth 

~ Including hire of birth pool


~ Private midwife fees for the continuum of care from pregnancy, home birth and 6 weeks postnatal range from $6000 - $7500 in Australia. 

~ Limited medicare rebates available in Australia 


*Please call to discuss for estimation of fee's*

Reclaim sovereignty of your body, pregnancy and birth

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