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Private Midwifery Continuity of Care

~ Be supported and held in your home space

~ Holding space and supporting within a home birth setting

~ Individualised women centered care

~ Education to empower women to reclaim sovereignty of their body, pregnancy and birth

Lactation Services

~ Biological nurturing positional approach

~ Support in your home space

~ Specialised experience in damaged nipples, weight gain issues, mastitis management

Birth Debrief

~ A safe space to share your birth story with respect to your experience.

~It is a safe bubble created to express and move through your emotions held within from your journey. 

~ Together we can explore the complete timeline to unravel the events.

~ Begin the healing journey now.

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A mobile app bringing wise women wisdom to your phone

Connect to your innate wisdom by empowering through knowledge

Explore the wisdom of birth and your body

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~ Assessment and support in the pathway of tension

~ Release work with massage techniques to create expansion and increased mobility

~ Assessment of gate and posture to support alignment

~ Pelvic mobility exercises to mobilise the inlet, mid and outlet


Specialised experience in: damaged nipples, pain with breastfeeding, mastitis management and prevention, poor weight gain and feeding multiples.

~ Home visit  and online via skype breastfeeding support available


Choose you first

~ Understand your subconscious constructs

~ Guidance in the journey of self love and peace 

~ Break free of negative patterns


Cooroy QLD 4563
Sunshine Coast QLD Australia 

Ph: 0450 361 389


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