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Podcast Recommendations

Updated: Mar 26

In the age of technology many podcast's are available to assist and empower women in their journey of pregnancy.

Positive Birth Australia

A new episode available every Friday. Through the power of storytelling, women share their experience and advice to uplift and educate others. Host Sky interviews mothers, partners, and others that work in the birth space.

Available everywhere you find podcasts

The Midwives' Cauldron

Hosted by Katie James (midwife, IBCLC) Dr Rachel Reed (PHD in Midwifery, author of reclaiming childbirth as a rite of passage). Exploring various topics on womanhood, birth and lactation.

Available everywhere you find podcasts

The Great Birth Rebellion

Hosted by Dr Melanie Jackson and B from core and floor. The great birth rebellion dismantles western beliefs and management of birth and presents an evidence-based alternative to modern birth practices.

Available everywhere you find podcasts

Innate Wisdom Podcast

Hosted by Loren Sofia from innate fertility. Innate wisdom podcast explores the healing medicine of food and essential minerals, rediscovering innate fertility and many topics around pregnancy and postpartum.

Available everywhere you find podcasts

I offer an invitation for you to comment and share your recommendations and what you found was in assistance in your journey.

With love,

Candace 🦋

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